Who Wants A Fair Fight?

What a great way to start a new year – with the release of a new book!

A Fair Fight is a bully story with a twist, proving you don’t always have to use your fists, you just need to fight fair.

“Outsmart the enemy,” advises Gramps. Easy for him to say. Every day Andrew has to face the bully Pryke and his gang, and they always call the shots. But Gramps is right, there is no way Andrew can out-muscle them. So how can he change the rules to make  a fair fight?   (Gilt Edge Publishing – New Zealand)

I’m not sure I want New Zealand kids fighting over this book, but I hope they’ll be scrabbling to read it.

From a writing perspective, this is one of my earliest stories. It’s seen its day as a 1000-word and a 5000-word story and is now published bang in the middle around 2500-words. The kookaburra has morphed into a NZ tui chiming in a kowhai tree instead of laughing in a gum.

Some stories stick with a writer. Even when they’re short and not going to win the Booker Prize. You just know there’s something in there that hooks you in – as A Fair Fight did me. I’ve always liked Andrew and his mate Sean, but I think it’s the twist in how Andrew outsmarts the bully that really kept me believing in the story. And dragging it out of the bottom drawer and rewriting it.

I’m hoping A Fair Fight shows kids there’s other ways to sort bullies than with their fists. Andrew’s resolution wouldn’t work in every situation. Just as his first try feeding the lunch stealing bully a treat of vegemite and sprout sandwiches wasn’t the way to do it either.

The gorgeous cover illo by Soda Design is a cool hook into this fast-paced chapter book for 7-9+ readers.

Come on fellow writers, spill. How long have some of your babies been in and out of the bottom drawer before finding publication? 

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Alison Reynolds" alt="Alison Reynolds">

Alison Reynolds

Huge congratulations, Chris!
It looks and sounds a wonderful book.
And very topical being about bullying.
I am glad it has met the light of day finally!
How long have some of my ms mouldered?
I would hate to think. I do pillage bits and pieces from old ms sometimes.

Congrats again!

February 10, 2012 at 10:06 pm
christinemareebell" alt="christinemareebell">


Hi Alison

Thank you for your lovely congratulations.

Your pillaging reminded me of Elizabeth Jolley who when asked about some of her images etc recurring in different novels, said that because she took so many years to get published, she grabbed out good images from previous manuscripts. Only trouble was when they all got published, the repeats were all there.

The great thing for us in the computer-age is that we can find/replace or cut if a bit gets pinched for another story. I’m so grateful to be a writer today – from the mechanics point-of-view. Whether it’s easier or harder to get published is a whole other story, but Elizabeth Jolley’s writing journey always gives me hope.

🙂 Chris xx

February 11, 2012 at 8:33 am

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