How Sweet It is…

to be a writer!

photoGot to love it when you get to make old-fashioned toffee in the name of research.

This batch is a tad bitter because I was trying to make it as if I couldn’t adjust the heat on the gas, since the toffee in my story is being made a very, very time long ago, under less than ideal conditions, in my new YA historical.

And since I must suffer for my art, I had to eat it too. It was actually very delicious toffee. But don’t tell anyone, because a writer’s life is supposed to be full of bitter pills.

What fun/scary/fabulous things have you done lately for your art?

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Oh drat, and I thought I’d gotten away with that fabulously inventive piece of procrastination, C.

🙂 Chris

February 28, 2013 at 8:31 pm

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