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I was due, well truthfully, I’m overdue, to write a blog post on my recent writing residency on Norfolk Island, along with several other overdue topics. But Covid 19 has thrown everyone’s plans and lives into disarray.

I’m not going to comment on the huge and scary happenings out there in the world affecting the health and lives of so many. Nor am I going to start aiming arrows at leaders who adopt a herd immunity defence or one whose countrymen are hoarding guns rather than toilet paper. I mean, who are we in Australia to talk with our empty supermarket shelves ?

On a morning when I’ve just learned that my long awaited, highly anticipated book launch has been cancelled, my tears were momentary. Instead I’m just so gobsmacked with the generosity and innovation of so many in the writing community offering book launch streamings, interview and podcast opportunities, Facebook promotion groups, review and blog spots, as well as a myriad of ways we can get out the news of books that are currently or about to be published.

We all know that the early weeks around publication are vital to sales and getting the word out. For me, this week should’ve been all about visiting bookstores and introducing myself, planning food and ordering the wine for my launch, starting to write my launch speech and generally trying to build a buzz around No Small Shame. But I can’t despair, because, by the hour, I’m discovering more online options for promotion. We can livestream a book launch, video chat on Twitter, livestream interviews with fellow authors, share our blogs and feeds to spread the love and news of our books. We’re not in this alone and, thanks to the internet, we’re never truly isolated.

I can tell I’m going to need to get a lot more tech savvy, but I’m so grateful that I feel real hope that my beautiful book, and everyone else’s, will still fly. And I’m so thankful to be a part of the incredibly generous writing community.

So I’ve been gathering together offers and opportunities for authors who are currently or about to launch a new book. I’ll update the list as I find new ones.

Meanwhile grateful thanks to:

Kirsten Krauth for starting the Facebook Group Writers Go Forth. Launch. Promote. Party

Australian Writers Centre for opening 8 interview spots for authors who’ve had to cancel a launch or events

Dr Anna Whately who’s started #AusChat on Twitter where she chats with debut authors whose launches have been cancelled @annawhately

The First Time Podcast Twitter callout to authors for news of your book publication to spread the love

Dee White (on Writers Go Forth) for offering feature interviews/reviews on her blog (Visit Writers Go Forth Facebook group)

Sophie Masson for offering guest spots on her blog for authors to promote their books

W4W – Writes for Women Podcast want to do something to help fill the promotional gaps all these event cancellations have left and are thinking of doing a series of bonus “mini” eps just for those authors who have lost the ability to launch their books – especially debut authors trying to establish themselves.

Who Wants to Launch a Book Online: Facebook group that will feature online events and launches for children’s book authors and illustrators.

Anita Heiss: offer to post reviews of Aussie books on her blog (DM via Facebook)

Narrelle Harris: offer for author interviews answering a Quintette of Questions (Visit Writers Go Forth Facebook group)

Teen Raffa: offer to feature authors on her blog In Their Own Write (Visit Writers Go Forth Facebook group)

And an opportunity a friend alerted me to online: Virtual Book Tours: Book a virtual book tour. For historical fiction



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