No Small Shame: A Real Book!

Three days after I arrived at my writing residency on Norfolk Island a very special delivery arrived – all the way back at home! In Melbourne! A whole nine days and 2336 kilometres away! (Yes, I even Googled the distance.)

This was a delivery I’d been waiting for, for a very long time. All the way from Hook to Book in fact. My very first novel, printed and wearing its beautiful jacket. All ready to go out into the world!

Fortunately, I had the joy, a few hours later, of watching Holly, my publicist at Ventura Press, open another box of No Small Shame via Instagram!  It wasn’t quite the same as getting to see and hold one for myself, but it was still very exciting and helped to ease the wait.

Ordinarily, a wait of nine days would’ve seemed an age to me. But the charms of Norfolk, together with the work I was deeply immersed in during my residency kept me busy and enthral for much of the time. The buzz of expectation though was always there, along with a conflict of wanting to stay and wanting to get back home.

Hubby was under strict orders not to open the box. And it was duly waiting when I got home.

It’s been a very long time, since I’ve opened a package with such childlike, Christmas morning excitement. I could barely breathe, which is evident in the video by my very high-pitched voice! And when I at last held the book in my hands I said something stupid, like it’s, “A real live book!”

I can’t begin to do justice to the thrill of that moment, so I’ll just let the video speak for me.


Thanks so much to Ventura Press Impact Press for creating a most beautiful book. Special thanks to Christabella Designs for the stunning cover.

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