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When one of my blog commenters, a new writer, asked me a couple of posts ago what tips did I have for new writers, I thought why not share them in a blog post too. Write every day Read widely – the masters, classics, short stories, poetry and contemporary fiction. … Read More


Mid-way through the year, I realise my pledge to read 52 books in this Year of Reading may have been a bit of an over-estimation on my part. Hey, I know what went wrong, I should have aimed for shorter books. All the ones I’m reading are hundreds of pages … Read More


Stepping into one of the most iconic bookshops in the world is an almost holy moment, whether you’re religious or not. And a visit to Shakespeare and Company was one of my “must-dos” during my research trip to Paris. Shakespeare and Company bookshop has existed in Paris in two forms; … Read More


Checking around the internet last week, I found heaps of new, exciting opportunities open to young writers and poets and some cool new resources. I’ve updated my Young Writers’ Resources page, including news of three great KSP writing residencies; the John Marsden Writing Prize details; the National Young Writers Festival … Read More


And people do. Incredibly generously. No matter where I go, if I ask a question and say I’m writing a book, mouths and doors open. Even when we barely speak the same language. My recent research revealed that the location of French farmhouses, at least in the Somme area of … Read More


  After lots of emails crossing paths in the ether all week from various writing buddies… I’m putting it out there. How can we writers inspire, buoy, encourage and fool ourselves into keeping steadfast on our journey to publication? More often than not, it’s a long, long haul from Point … Read More


I can well understand why Caleb’s Crossing, by multi-award winning author Geraldine Brooks, won a Pulitzer Prize. As a lover of historical fiction, I marvel at Brooks’ reconstruction of the language of the 1600s and the depth of her research woven seamlessly into this story.  Caleb’s Crossing is based on the true … Read More

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