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Literally! And if a writer doesn’t stretch and move and shake those lower back muscles, boy, can they scream at you – just as my sciatic nerve has been screeching at me all week. “Do you have to write?” asked my physio. Well, it is my income, my passion and … Read More


The Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham is said to be a gothic novel. I’m not sure what that means but I did enjoy this rather uncomfortable read. I loved Tilly, the main character, and her calm acceptance and way with her nutty mother. Some truly torrid and horrid characters live within … Read More


“Are you French? No, then set your novel in Australia. Write what you know!”  Words to spark a blogpost and debate. The jury is out on my Google search into who first spoke the words Write what you know, though Mark Twain and William Faulkner seem to be the main-listed … Read More


How do I talk about a book without gushing adjectives when my cheeks are glowing with writerly admiration and, in equal, turning green with writer envy?  A hard call when I’ve just read what’s now up there as one of my favourite books ever. Geraldine Brooks Year of Wonders is an historical … Read More


This time last year I made a vow – after discovering a tiny baby bird alive but flopped on our back deck with a bleeding cut on its back – that if Mrs Pigeon showed any sign of setting up house this year, I would wave her off sans hésitation. … Read More


I’ve been told many times that I write a good letter. Well at least I was told so back in the days when the fine art existed and we weren’t all reduced to the short speak of emails. I’ve always liked reading letters in books, but books written solely in letters? I’m … Read More


What a great way to start a new year – with the release of a new book! A Fair Fight is a bully story with a twist, proving you don’t always have to use your fists, you just need to fight fair. “Outsmart the enemy,” advises Gramps. Easy for him … Read More

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