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Some folks get their thrills buying a new car, or taking a trip. Some find their bliss in simple things like the scent of a rose or laughter of a child. I miss my secret thrill. Every day thousands of people teem through the turnstiles at Melbourne Central Station, up … Read More


“So much of our time is preparation, so much is routine, and so much retrospect, that the pith of each man’s genius contracts itself to a very few hours. The history of literature — take the net result of Tiraboschi, Warton, or Schlegel — is a sum of very few … Read More


Or what should be titled “The best conversation starter ever”. What began as a trip in 2008 to explore my ancestral roots, grew into a niggle that refused to be stilled. Perhaps weeks of researching my family tree and their migration from Ireland to Scotland and on to Australia placed … Read More


Words to transport me across generations, centuries, continents and viewpoints – such is the mastery of writer Arnold Zable in his acclaimed memoir Jewels and Ashes. What began as a “case study” for my Master’s exegesis – too dry a term by far for this riveting narrative and beautifully told story … Read More


aka: Reading, Research and Relaxation. Hello, poor neglected blog. October snuck by me with just two posts, and I can’t believe November is here so fast. Yet, haven’t I been wishing it here for weeks? Terrible, I know, to wish your life away, but I’ve a blissful and much needed … Read More


Hey, Young Writers Seeing, by my blog stats and search terms, the popularity and frequent visits to my post back in July on resources for young writers,  I’ve created an updated and separate resource page on From Hook to Book, packed with opportunities for those aiming for publication, to enter competitions, … Read More


Because I love it, I’m good at it, I love to play with words, and work with words as much as read them. Words thrill me the way you put them together, mix them up, tweak them, select them, reorder them and they speak back to you in all kinds … Read More

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