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Because I love it, I’m good at it, I love to play with words, and work with words as much as read them. Words thrill me the way you put them together, mix them up, tweak them, select them, reorder them and they speak back to you in all kinds … Read More


An exciting week. My travelling daughter has returned, proudly boasting her suitcase was well under the limit. I’m not surprised, considering her bedroom carpet has slowly disappeared in the months of her absence as a steady stream of packages, parcels, post packs and boxes arrived home ahead of her full … Read More


I love, love, love Melbourne in Springtime. The sun is shining and, for me, at the end of this long winter, it’s like Mother Nature has turned on the lights and upped the colour. The different seasons bring me different joys. First sign of winter and rain runnelling down my … Read More


It takes time to “own” being a writer. For me it took several published books and a few royalty cheques. This was pre-author website, self-promotion and social networking days. Back when writing was a far more solitary and silent act. But, I digress. Of course, being a writer is not … Read More


A thrilling week for me! On Friday I flew to Brisbane for the 2011 CYA Conference. I’d heard so much about this conference over the past few years and have been keen to go, then this year I had a huge added incentive. Back in June, I entered my YA … Read More


I’m delighted to welcome, guest poster, Tania McCartney, author, editor, publisher and founder of the wonderful children’s literature site, Kids Book Review – in celebration of her latest release Riley and the Grumpy Wombat (Ford Street Publishing). Tania is the creator of the popular Riley the Little Aviator series of … Read More


I’ve learned a lot about writing novel synopses over the past fortnight, workshopping my long length version with my two writing groups and uni class. Leading to some serious hair tearing, and a bad case of Confusius Maximus. Plus my eyeballs have started a weird twitching. Here are some hot … Read More

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