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The relationship is almost over. The writing is on the wall, or should I say the page. Love affairs. Knowing they’re over and accepting, so difficult. Being ready to let go, harder. You see it coming, but hang on. Hardly believing after so long together it can possibly be coming … Read More


At my desk by nine   cuppa in hand checked: my blog email Facebook horoscope bank account   Fresh cuppa Read blogs/commented on blogs opened manuscript changed “On board” to “Aboard” took out a comma stared out window rechecked email   Made cuppa plucked eyebrows recharged mobile phone doodled new … Read More


Good question! Some answers: when it’s as good as you can get it. when you’ve said all you need to say. when your mind starts twitching toward the next project when you start thinking of all the things you can do when it’s done. My novel has been nearing cooked … Read More


Today, I welcome award winning YA author, Paul Collins, as my first guest blogger here to tell us about the release of the first book in his latest series The Maximus Black Files – Mole Hunt. Together with Michael Pryor, Paul is the co-editor of the highly successful fantasy series, The Quentaris … Read More


To celebrate the release of his latest sci-fi YA novel, and new series, The Maximus Black Files – Mole Hunt, award winning author Paul Collins will be visiting me at From Hook to Book as my very first guest blogger. As a taster, and because I’m too excited to wait, … Read More


Yesterday, I was privileged to see a live performance of Cirque du Soleil’s spectacular Saltimbanco at Rod Laver Arena. The charge in the auditorium was palpable as an eager and excited audience waited and the house lights dimmed. Like any of Cirque du Soleil’s brilliant performances, within minutes, the rainbow … Read More


I ask the question, ‘when is a book – a book?’ out of curiosity – not because of any forgone conclusion or opinion. Though I do admit I’m old-school swayed. The question has puzzled and bemused me over the years. I hear many writers call their WIP (work-in-progress) a book. Some … Read More

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