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I’ve recently read two marvellous though very different books.  Both shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Award, one in 2010 The Book of Emmett by Deborah Forster, and the second a current contender Bereft by Chris Womersley. Almost all of my reading over the past three years has focused on either … Read More


    “The more unique your perspective, the better your chances of success…”   skb     [Image: Night view – beneath the Eiffel Tower © Chris Bell]


Where do characters go between chapters when they don’t appear in those chapters? Are they standing just off-stage? It seems a couple of mine nipped completely out of sight (and mind) and one forgot to come back at all. Problem was they didn’t even send a post card? Or wave … Read More


It’s been so, so long since I baked a cake, but with a special friend (and great baker) visiting on short notice last week, I thought, why not? Of course, I can bake a cake. I used to whip up a teacake, an hour before playgroup, without using the recipe. … Read More


Last week I ran a Show Don’t Tell Creative Writing workshop for a fabulous group of year nine elective students. I was thrilled to see them blossom from shy at sharing and writing to becoming fully engaged and those pens flew across their notebooks. I promised to check out some … Read More


Writing a novel consists not only of multiple layers of story, characterisation and meaning, but varying phases of actual writing and enjoyment. I’m at the bum-on-seat stage, working through my LONG Excel list of “fix ups”, cross checks, rewrites, rethinks, research chase-ups and rewriting the rewrites. Some of this stage is step-by-step … Read More

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