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Writers need ~ Solitude, silence, thinking space, musing time… NOT THIS:- [youtube=] Seriously people, a couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the positives of going out to write in other environments and escaping the nightmare noise of the new estate going in across my road. (Not ten metres away.) … Read More


January has proved a fantastic and fun writing month for me. I’ve absolutely loved participating in Month of Poetry organised by Kat (Katherine) Apel. Each poet, or aspiring poet, commits to writing a poem a day throughout January. The more conscientious, confident poets upload their poem/s a day for critiquing … Read More


There’s nothing like the sound of graders and diggers jack-hammering into rock to send a  writer out of the house and into the “real”. They’re laying new pipes and digging up old drains in the land across from our street. Tearing at my solitude and banging in my headspace. Sending … Read More


The house is quiet. Perfect writing solitude. My bliss. BUT… what is that noise? Again, and again, and again. Three times I’ve thought hubby home with a clatter of keys on the bench, but no one was there. Three times I’ve called out ‘hello’, but no one was there. Three … Read More


Time to write. Huh? It’s all very well to be ready, willing and able to sit your writer’s bum on the chair and position your fingers on the keyboard. With your next chapter in mind and your ideas parading as the best plot ever thought up, first you take time out … Read More


Welcome 2011. I’m so glad to see you’ve arrived safely, and wearing a fresh coat of hopes ready to be realised. I love your free flowing scarf of possibility. And is that the scent of determination? It’s reassuring to see you so bright with promise, daisy fresh like a pristine page waiting to be … Read More


What a year it’s been? Some exciting highs mixed in with too many sad goodbyes. Writing-wise it all kept ticking over. Though I can see now, looking back at the professional goals I set myself at the beginning of the year, that I was a tad ambitious, particularly for the year … Read More

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