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To pitch, or not to pitch? That is the question I asked myself before the SCBWI International Conference in Sydney last weekend. Of course there’d be positives, maybe even joys, such as: Feedback on my idea/WIP Practice at presenting in public Self-promotion benefits in getting my name and face in … Read More


Much as I try to work on my novel consistently, uni and life keep throwing tasks and challenges in my path to distract me. I’m writing my Y/A historical novel in a very definite voice and often fear I’ll lose it if I have too much time away; or, worse, … Read More


Who said you could write a book? Who’d want to read what you write? That’s a bunch of crap, and you know it. I used to listen to that obnoxious Self-doubt Elf scoffing on my shoulder to the point I’d start to wonder why I even wanted to write. Probably … Read More


How do you research a place that no longer exists? My WIP begins in a tiny Scottish coal mining village gone from existence some fifty years plus. A common enough story in Scotland. Mighty bings that once dominated the backdrop of such villages have all been removed and little remains … Read More

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