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What better way to start the New Year than with a new edition of an old book baby! Just before Christmas, I was delighted to receive the new Cengage Learning multicultural version of my 2001 title Roller-Coaster Ride, re-illustrated by Samantha Asri to set the story in the Middle East … Read More


A first kiss in a park, so many years ago… Memories are infinite and some we don’t share. Others?may?be transient or we think gone. Until a prompt restores them and they return vividly ? kindly, harshly, surprisingly, horrifyingly, romantically. Not necessarily for real or true ? after all they were … Read More


A few months ago, on the hottest day of summer, myself and five other fearless?writers gathered in an (unairconditioned) artist space in Mornington to participate in a documentary with a difference. The Art of Story gives an inside view into the creation of stories and the stories behind the stories. … Read More


From the instant the wheels of the London train began to cross the twenty-four arches of the Ribblehead viaduct, it seemed everything Mary had?ever known fell behind and no one seemed even to care. Every thud served a stab to her heart like each span were crumbling, blocking her way … Read More


How can a travelling author be given a baggage weight limit when there?are?books to buy? Lots of books. Plus lots of amazing new book shops to visit, not to mention literary museums and quirky stationery shops! And when one location?turns out to be the very setting and inspiration the?author?was searching … Read More


Calling all young writers, playwrights and poets! While I’ve been gallivanting around the UK, these past few weeks, heaps of regular and new young writers’ competitions and opportunities have opened up. Some are closing soon. So?flex those?writing muscles and get your?entries in fast. (Only if they’ve been buffed and polished … Read More


Today I?am?delighted to welcome Sean McMullen?back to?From Hook to Book?to celebrate the launch of his latest fantasy novel?The Burning Sea,?the first of six books in?The Warlock?s Child?series,?co-authored by Paul Collins and published by Ford Street Publishing. Fans will be thrilled to learn that?they won’t have to wait long for the … Read More

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