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During the 1800s the population of Victorian England were quite literally eating, wearing, sleeping and washing themselves to death with arsenic. While researching rat poison, strictly for my novel, of course, I came across some startling facts. Arsenic was used as a common green colourant, creating the gorgeous Scheeles green, … Read More


When I first started writing seriously and heard of Varuna Writing Fellowships, and Varuna Writers’ House, I wrote “achieve a Varuna Fellowship” clearly on my bucket list of writing goals. So forgive me while I jump up and down with excitement to share the news that I have been awarded … Read More


Read: 2 junior novels 1 YA novel Words Written:   4700 Words Edited:    9300 CONVICT SLANG: bolter – one who runs away or leaves a place suddenly crap’d – hanged qock’d – forgetful, absent in mind DID YOU KNOW? Horses in convict Tasmania were a rarity. The high cost … Read More


Well, we’ve moved house. And moving house is BIG! Because we have TOO MUCH STUFF! After all my best efforts to cull unnecessary bits and bobs and dispose of the long gathered minutiae we’ve accumulated over twelve years in the house we’ve just vacated, I thought I’d done a pretty … Read More


A man lurks in the shadows, spying on a girl in a red party dress.    The girl, Libby, is trying to shrug off a bad date. Not for a moment does she suspect that this night is the end of life as she knows it. The man pounces; Libby is grabbed and driven away. Held prisoner in a basement, she grapples … Read More


I’m so excited to see some of my books taking a journey that I have long wanted to take myself.  All the way to Africa, and Papua New Guinea, thanks to the amazing efforts of author Tina Marie Clark, CYA Conference, and a fantastic band of helpers. I was lucky (in a … Read More


Congratulations to Leisl Leighton, fellow writing group buddy and friend, on the launch of her debut novel Killing Me Softly published by Penguin Destiny. On Saturday, I was thrilled to join Leisl in celebrating the launch of her first book – one I know will be the first of many. … Read More

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