I?ve been thinking a lot about inspiration and imagination of late. This has been an unusual year for me, as it?s mostly been taken up with editing and rewriting and not a lot of new writing. After a spinal surgery last December, I gave myself time out to rest and … Read More


Move over notebooks. I think I?ve just found my new favourite thing ? for a writer. I feel a bit odd gushing about a gadget in this terribly material age, but my new favourite thing is a fantastic tool of trade ? a shiny new iPad Pro (the small 9.7 … Read More


A first kiss in a park, so many years ago… Memories are infinite and some we don’t share. Others?may?be transient or we think gone. Until a prompt restores them and they return vividly ? kindly, harshly, surprisingly, horrifyingly, romantically. Not necessarily for real or true ? after all they were … Read More

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