Well, we’ve moved house. And moving house is BIG! Because we have TOO MUCH STUFF! After all my best efforts to cull unnecessary bits and bobs and dispose of the long gathered minutiae we’ve accumulated over twelve years in the house we’ve just vacated, I thought I’d done a pretty … Read More


When I first started writing, my kids were six, nine and eleven, and I found coming up with ideas on what kids were into doing, liked, disliked, got up to, came very easily, especially when inspired by my live-in research/demographic sample. It took a long time for me to realise … Read More


The first time I was asked: “What is the big question in your novel?” I responded with a blank look. BIG question??? Hmm! Hadn’t really thought about a BIG question. I was just writing what I hoped was a cracker of a story and following my main character’s journey through … Read More


It’s time to put my office back together, after emptying it for new carpet, but I cringe to re-store all the boxes of old manuscript drafts and files. I’m wondering what to keep and what to chuck? Even the tax man only makes me keep my paperwork three years. Am … Read More


A lovely shot of encouragement for me this week with one of my novel manuscripts being long-listed in a major UK children’s writing competition. I’m a great believer in celebrating each and every writing milestone. Even the smaller stepping stones. They give me, firstly, delight that a forward shift is … Read More


And people do. Incredibly generously. No matter where I go, if I ask a question and say I’m writing a book, mouths and doors open. Even when we barely speak the same language. My recent research revealed that the location of French farmhouses, at least in the Somme area of … Read More


  After lots of emails crossing paths in the ether all week from various writing buddies… I’m putting it out there. How can we writers inspire, buoy, encourage and fool ourselves into keeping steadfast on our journey to publication? More often than not, it’s a long, long haul from Point … Read More

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