I’m so excited to see some of my books taking a journey that I have long wanted to take myself.  All the way to Africa, and Papua New Guinea, thanks to the amazing efforts of author Tina Marie Clark, CYA Conference, and a fantastic band of helpers. I was lucky (in a … Read More


A lovely shot of encouragement for me this week with one of my novel manuscripts being long-listed in a major UK children’s writing competition. I’m a great believer in celebrating each and every writing milestone. Even the smaller stepping stones. They give me, firstly, delight that a forward shift is … Read More


What a great way to start a new year – with the release of a new book! A Fair Fight is a bully story with a twist, proving you don’t always have to use your fists, you just need to fight fair. “Outsmart the enemy,” advises Gramps. Easy for him … Read More


A thrilling week for me! On Friday I flew to Brisbane for the 2011 CYA Conference. I’d heard so much about this conference over the past few years and have been keen to go, then this year I had a huge added incentive. Back in June, I entered my YA … Read More


The classroom is changing big time as is the way of studying literature in schools. This week I was honoured to be invited to Brighton Grammar School to check out a research study by The Crowther Centre to compare the differences and possible benefits of working with digital text/e-books – … Read More

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