Writing is such a solitary endeavour. Of course, we writers/illustrators/creators are no longer isolated or starving in a garret as in years or centuries past. (Forgive the aside, but is it only me who perceives ‘starving in a garret’ as somewhat romantic when transported to 20th century Paris? I could … Read More


What a crazy, busy few weeks, but I can’t let them pass without mention of attending the fantastic SCBWI Australia NZ Conference in Sydney July 13-15th. Some of the wonderful crew from SCBWI Vic (Photograph courtesy Dimity Powell)  What an amazing gathering of creators, publishers and industry professionals all communing … Read More


To pitch, or not to pitch? That is the question I asked myself before the SCBWI International Conference in Sydney last weekend. Of course there’d be positives, maybe even joys, such as: Feedback on my idea/WIP Practice at presenting in public Self-promotion benefits in getting my name and face in … Read More

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