And that’s a wrap!

On Saturday November 12 SCBWI Vic enjoyed a fabulous end of year meeting and wrap party to close what has been a busy, enjoyable and creative SCBWI year. We began with our usual Show and Tell session celebrating six member successes and new publications. This session is always so inspiring … Read More


Writing is such a solitary endeavour. Of course, we writers/illustrators/creators are no longer isolated or starving in a garret as in years or centuries past. (Forgive the aside, but is it only me who perceives ?starving in a garret? as somewhat romantic when transported to 20th century Paris? I could … Read More


A first kiss in a park, so many years ago… Memories are infinite and some we don’t share. Others?may?be transient or we think gone. Until a prompt restores them and they return vividly ? kindly, harshly, surprisingly, horrifyingly, romantically. Not necessarily for real or true ? after all they were … Read More


What a joy it is to be a part of the children?s writing community and attend such wonderful events as the Society of Children?s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) Inside Story! Saturday (1st Nov) saw eleven authors?and author/illustrators gather at Readings Bookshop – Hawthorn to share insights into the creation … Read More

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