Read: 2 junior novels 1 YA novel Words Written:   4700 Words Edited:    9300 CONVICT SLANG: bolter – one who runs away or leaves a place suddenly crap’d – hanged qock’d – forgetful, absent in mind DID YOU KNOW? Horses in convict Tasmania were a rarity. The high cost … Read More


“Are you French? No, then set your novel in Australia. Write what you know!”  Words to spark a blogpost and debate. The jury is out on my Google search into who first spoke the words Write what you know, though Mark Twain and William Faulkner seem to be the main-listed … Read More


No time to blog properly at present. Except to say… I’m excited. I’m getting so close to the finish line. Well, my WIP is. I’ve just spent three days solid reworking the last chapter – and finally – I think – dare I say – it’s singing. BUT… It’s been … Read More

Praise for No Small Shame

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