Going back through my old word doc’s spanning ten years, I came across some old friends as well as some cringe worthy try-hards. I’m talking about old story files. Some with unrecognisable names – only to open the doc and discover that “Baldy”  and “Blue Cap Boy” were early renderings … Read More


Mid-way through the year, I realise my pledge to read 52 books in this Year of Reading may have been a bit of an over-estimation on my part. Hey, I know what went wrong, I should have aimed for shorter books. All the ones I’m reading are hundreds of pages … Read More


And people do. Incredibly generously. No matter where I go, if I ask a question and say I’m writing a book, mouths and doors open. Even when we barely speak the same language. My recent research revealed that the location of French farmhouses, at least in the Somme area of … Read More


This time last year I made a vow – after discovering a tiny baby bird alive but flopped on our back deck with a bleeding cut on its back – that if Mrs Pigeon showed any sign of setting up house this year, I would wave her off sans hésitation. … Read More


What a great way to start a new year – with the release of a new book! A Fair Fight is a bully story with a twist, proving you don’t always have to use your fists, you just need to fight fair. “Outsmart the enemy,” advises Gramps. Easy for him … Read More


In keeping with the promise of a fresh start to the year, setting new goals, tweaking the lifestyle, I thought a new theme for my blog would be cool. So here I am with a whole new look. (Hair cut next week too.) With a new year, new goals, new … Read More


“So much of our time is preparation, so much is routine, and so much retrospect, that the pith of each man’s genius contracts itself to a very few hours. The history of literature — take the net result of Tiraboschi, Warton, or Schlegel — is a sum of very few … Read More

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