Words to transport me across generations, centuries, continents and viewpoints – such is the mastery of writer Arnold Zable in his acclaimed memoir Jewels and Ashes. What began as a “case study” for my Master’s exegesis – too dry a term by far for this riveting narrative and beautifully told story … Read More


No time to blog properly at present. Except to say… I’m excited. I’m getting so close to the finish line. Well, my WIP is. I’ve just spent three days solid reworking the last chapter – and finally – I think – dare I say – it’s singing. BUT… It’s been … Read More


This week, as part of my Master’s subject Reflective Practice and Exegesis, we’re compiling a research archive. Instead of making it all about our WIP, we can focus on any subject, collection, or a theme of our choosing. I’m using China – more specifically my 2006 trip to live and work … Read More


I’ve just had the revelatory experience of reading back over some of my notebooks kept from the beginnings of my novel. Strange. And enlightening. I’m amazed how much has changed. Character names, story tracks, the intention, definitely the outcome. A little history: I started writing this novel as part of Year … Read More


I love being a writer. Especially early on icy mornings when the rest of the world is trekking out into the winter deep and I’m cosy in my bed – working hard. Writing a blog post, a synopsis, a chapter start or a whole. Or perhaps reading: industry mags, writing … Read More


Isn’t it amazing how a little boost of possibility and creativity sends the imagination into overdrive? A few weeks ago, I began to fret that I had no definite idea on what I was going to write next. Don’t writers have their next idea forming in their minds in the … Read More

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