Saturday 1st June saw the birth of this new poet with the publication of my poem Life in the final issue of Poetrix. It was a thrill to see my first published poem in print and have the opportunity to read it aloud in front of poetrix peers and poetry … Read More


This time last year I made a vow – after discovering a tiny baby bird alive but flopped on our back deck with a bleeding cut on its back – that if Mrs Pigeon showed any sign of setting up house this year, I would wave her off sans hésitation. … Read More


                            A writer’s fear grows not in the fresh page but in the many pages; sensing the truth, the reveal, the commitment, the test, damned if abandoned judged if complete a soul on show a creed laid bare terrified by readers waiting agonised they might never meet dependent on … Read More


    “The more unique your perspective, the better your chances of success…”   skb     [Image: Night view – beneath the Eiffel Tower © Chris Bell]


January has proved a fantastic and fun writing month for me. I’ve absolutely loved participating in Month of Poetry organised by Kat (Katherine) Apel. Each poet, or aspiring poet, commits to writing a poem a day throughout January. The more conscientious, confident poets upload their poem/s a day for critiquing … Read More


There’s nothing like the sound of graders and diggers jack-hammering into rock to send a  writer out of the house and into the “real”. They’re laying new pipes and digging up old drains in the land across from our street. Tearing at my solitude and banging in my headspace. Sending … Read More

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