Today I begin a “Month of Writing”. A writing retreat if you like with a fixed deadline and word count aim. But it?s all self-imposed and self-inflicted! And necessary. Of course I would love to go off on a fully-fledged writing retreat in some idyllic setting, meals laid on and … Read More


I?ve been thinking a lot about inspiration and imagination of late. This has been an unusual year for me, as it?s mostly been taken up with editing and rewriting and not a lot of new writing. After a spinal surgery last December, I gave myself time out to rest and … Read More


Move over notebooks. I think I?ve just found my new favourite thing ? for a writer. I feel a bit odd gushing about a gadget in this terribly material age, but my new favourite thing is a fantastic tool of trade ? a shiny new iPad Pro (the small 9.7 … Read More


A few months ago, on the hottest day of summer, myself and five other fearless?writers gathered in an (unairconditioned) artist space in Mornington to participate in a documentary with a difference. The Art of Story gives an inside view into the creation of stories and the stories behind the stories. … Read More


From the instant the wheels of the London train began to cross the twenty-four arches of the Ribblehead viaduct, it seemed everything Mary had?ever known fell behind and no one seemed even to care. Every thud served a stab to her heart like each span were crumbling, blocking her way … Read More


Today I?am?delighted to welcome Sean McMullen?back to?From Hook to Book?to celebrate the launch of his latest fantasy novel?The Burning Sea,?the first of six books in?The Warlock?s Child?series,?co-authored by Paul Collins and published by Ford Street Publishing. Fans will be thrilled to learn that?they won’t have to wait long for the … Read More


I find the current TAFE arts funding cuts and fee increases so sad and disappointing. Fifteen years ago, I drove past a sign down on the Mornington Penninsula with a screaming headline, DO YOU WANT TO BE A WRITER? Yes, yes, yes, I had always wanted, dreamed, aspired to be … Read More

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