The magic of Varuna is time to think, as much as time to write. This thinking time, free from outside distractions and interruptions, resolved a niggling missing element  in my manuscript, yesterday, in the simplest, now most obvious way. All I needed was to clear the clutter and noise in … Read More


…because it’s Month of Poetry. Yay! What an inspirational way to launch the year and reinvigorate the writing muscle. Month of Poetry is run every year in January by the very talented and lovely Kathryn (Kat) Apel who gives experienced and novice poets alike a forum to write and post a poem … Read More


I’ve discovered cloud gazing. Of course, I’ve always known clouds were there, but I can’t think how long it is since I took time out to watch their intricate swirls shape-shifting and sky surfing. It’s not only therapeutic but creative, and while I watched one cloud jigsaw merge and meld … Read More


I am thrilled to be staying at Varuna Writers’ House in Katoomba, Blue Mountains. For an entire week I’m devoting all my time to writing, reading, thinking and communing with fellow writers. No shopping to do, meals to cook, house to clean, appointments to attend, kids, hubby, family to cater … Read More

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