Today I am delighted to welcome Sean McMullen back to From Hook to Book to celebrate the launch of his latest fantasy novel The Burning Sea, the first of six books in The Warlock’s Child series, co-authored by Paul Collins and published by Ford Street Publishing. Fans will be thrilled to learn that they won’t have to wait long for the … Read More


Certain indisputable beliefs were planted in the minds of all television-watching children of the fifties and sixties raised on a diet of cowboy and wild west movies. And of course John Wayne. Settlers rode horses, carried guns, could shoot an indian off a hillside half-a-mile away and pick off their … Read More


The first time I was asked: “What is the big question in your novel?” I responded with a blank look. BIG question??? Hmm! Hadn’t really thought about a BIG question. I was just writing what I hoped was a cracker of a story and following my main character’s journey through … Read More


It’s time to put my office back together, after emptying it for new carpet, but I cringe to re-store all the boxes of old manuscript drafts and files. I’m wondering what to keep and what to chuck? Even the tax man only makes me keep my paperwork three years. Am … Read More


In keeping with the promise of a fresh start to the year, setting new goals, tweaking the lifestyle, I thought a new theme for my blog would be cool. So here I am with a whole new look. (Hair cut next week too.) With a new year, new goals, new … Read More


I love being a writer. Especially early on icy mornings when the rest of the world is trekking out into the winter deep and I’m cosy in my bed – working hard. Writing a blog post, a synopsis, a chapter start or a whole. Or perhaps reading: industry mags, writing … Read More


The relationship is almost over. The writing is on the wall, or should I say the page. Love affairs. Knowing they’re over and accepting, so difficult. Being ready to let go, harder. You see it coming, but hang on. Hardly believing after so long together it can possibly be coming … Read More

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